Huawei Honor View 10 Review – Specifications

Huawei Honor View 10 Review – Specifications

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Our Verdict

The Honor View 10 is a very competitively priced device in India especially if you consider its price internationally. For Rs 29,999 you get a well-built phone which is fast and fluid, runs the latest OS and has a good battery life. The camera is good too with the only problem being the blue bias with the display which can be corrected if you manually change the colour temperature. The features that come under the AI umbrella may not be true AI, but the fact is that they work. With the exception of Microsoft translation app, all the other features mentioned just work. For the price, the Honor View 10 is surely recommended for anyone looking to buy a flagship class smartphone that’s light on the wallet.

Honor View 10 First Look
Honor View 10 First Look 


  • Well-built
  • Front facing fingerprint sensor
  • Good battery life
  • Fluid performance
  • Good camera performance at its price point


  • Display has a blue bias in default mode
  • Uninspiring design
  • Underwhelming AI



Key specifications at a glance

Thickness: 7mm
Weight: 172 grams
CPU: Hisilicon Kirin 970 Octa-Core CPU
OS & UI: Android 8 with EMUI 8
Display: 5.99-inch 18:9 display
Display resolution: 2160x1080p
Rear Camera: 16MP+20MP
Front camera: 13MP
Built-in storage: 128GB
Battery: 3750mAh




The Honor View 10 has a 16MP+20MP RGB+Monochrome setup at the back. Put simply, images clicked from the phone in both day light and low-lit shots are good. The only downside is the inconstancy with which photos are clicked. In well-lit conditions, you get good photos. No problems. The Bokeh images clicked on the View 10 are better than those we have seen on the OnePlus 5T. When it comes to low light, in some images, the View 10 gives good images with low noise. On other occasions, the low light images don’t preserve the details of the image and the white balance is off.



The front facing camera offers few nifty featues, Snapchat like AR based filters, software based background softening (bokeh) with the single front facing camera, etc. The Bokeh images of the front facing camera aren’t PIXEL 2 grade as they lose out on edge details of the subject. In normal scenarios, the front camera produces good selfies, but it does evidently softens details on the skin.

Sample Photos Taken from Honor View 10
Sample Photos Taken from Honor View 10


If we were to draw a comparison with the OnePlus 5T, the Honor View 10 is in the same league with better low-light performance and noise management. What holds it back though is the inconsistent whitebalance and occasional highlight clipping. When you consider the price however, at Rs, 29,999, the Honor View 10 has the best camera of all phones in 25-32K price range.

White Balance Lacks a bit in Some Places
White Balance Lacks a bit in Some Places

Battery Life

Another area where the Honor View 10 impresses is with the battery life. You can easily run the device for a work-heavy day with little gaming and video content consumption among the daily routine of calling, messaging, social networking and more.  After a work day, I had about 40 percent battery left which is better than most phones I’ve used. It better my daily driver, the OnePlus 5T by about 10% in battery life. Which is good for a non-AMOLED display based flagship phone with a 6-inch screen.

Honor View 10

Final Review of Honor View 10 

It is as Simple as eating a piece of Cake . This Smartphone is definitely a good choice for a limited audience due to it’s lag in photos and the performance.But Overall the Smart Phone has a good image on public . It Could have been something more Punchy at the Cost of 29999. You Could Purchase the Mobile at

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